Centerpieces for Summer Tables

These party tables are ready for warm-weather celebrations.

Plants Can Take the Heat

Floral centerpieces have a hard time with hot weather. Decorate your table with a flowering potted plant instead.

Beach-Themed Table

Even if you're far from shore you can feel like you're by the ocean with this beach-inspired spread that uses seashells as a centerpiece.

Best Flower Bet

Long-lasting calla lilies will stay center stage long after your party has ended. Callas can look great anywhere from four days to two weeks.

Asian Inspiration

Easily turn takeout into an Asian-inspired spread by setting out bright plates with disposable chopsticks and soup spoons. Purple irises in the center of the table complement the colorful spread.

Choose Yellow

Brighten up an indoor table with yellow flowers like roses. Yellow roses symbolize friendship or admiration.


Summer daffodils are in season long after Easter. Try fresh-cut varieties or opt for a potted centerpiece.