Fruit with a Party Twist

Entertain with citrus, pineapples and more in fun summer centerpieces from Food Network Magazine.

Citrus Votives

After juicing lemons, limes, grapefruits or oranges, turn the rinds into votives. All you'll need are wicks and shredded wax, available at craft stores. Scrape out the rind halves; make a small cut in each bottom and set in a muffin pan. Stick one end of a wick into the skin so that it stands up straight. In a medium pot, melt the wax over high heat until it's clear, then pour it slowly into each rind, keeping the wick upright. Let the wax cool, then trim the wick.

Pineapple Vase

Put a tropical spin on a bouquet with a pineapple vase: Slice the top off a pineapple, then carefully remove the flesh, keeping the skin intact. Place a small glass of water inside and arrange flowers just above the rim of the pineapple.

Fruit Stand

Save counter space by storing produce in this metal fruit stack. $18,

Lime Napkin Rings

Cut a slice from the center of a lime and remove the flesh to leave a ring. To make the rings more decorative, carve stripes with a sharp paring knife. Use the leftover lime for cocktails.

Mixed-Fruit Place Cards

These place cards double as party favors: Nestle a name card into a bunch of grapes, tie one onto a pear or put a sticker on a lady apple. Guests will walk away with something sweet (if they don't dig in before dinner).