Guy at the Grill

Guy Fieri shows Food Network Magazine how to mix things up at a summer cookout.

Photo By: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2011

Photo By: Kat Teutsch

Photo By: Kat Teutsch

Photo By: Kat Teutsch

Guy Fieri has a lot of friends in his hometown of Santa Rosa, Calif., and he swears it's not because he owns three local restaurants and a fleet of cool cars, or because he's a TV star. No, he says he's popular for one reason: "I'm the only one of my friends who has a pool."

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When the weather is nice — which is pretty often around here — the Fieri pool is open for business, and Guy gets grilling. And not the usual stuff, either: "We're not big hot dog and hamburger people," he says. "We're more eclectic."

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This easy potato salad is a Fieri family favorite. Give the dish a smoky finish by grilling the potatoes for 10 minutes on each side.

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Impress guests with this quick cabbage slaw. Chunky blue cheese dressing adds just a touch of tanginess to each bite.

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