Outdoor Party Decorating Ideas

Throw a party on your patio, on the deck or in your backyard with our outdoor decorating ideas.

Photo By: Oxford Garden

Photo By: Oxford Garden

Photo By: Jamie Rector

Photo By: Nicole Hill Gerulat

Use Bright Colors

Make a space come alive with colorful paper lanterns, table linens and fresh flowers in bright shades. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

DIY Buffet

If you're short on surfaces for serving, try this trick: Lay a hollow-core door or thick piece of plywood over evenly spaced sawhorses and cover with fabric. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Send Guests Home With Favors

Thank guests for coming by stocking a fabric-covered outdoor table with an assortment of small gifts like candles or bath fizzes and sweets. Design by Manvi Drona Hidalgo

Let There Be Light

Illuminate your party area with strings of lights encircling an umbrella, wound around tree trunks or run along cables suspended above partygoers' heads. Candle-filled or solar lanterns, placed on tables and at patio edges, are great alternatives if your home doesn't have outdoor electrical outlets.

Cozy Deck Seating

Turn an area of your deck into a cozy cabana with weather-resistant fabric pillows and cushions.

Pool Party

Planning a pool party? Guests may forget to bring necessities, like a towel, sunscreen or goggles, so have those items on hand. Keep a bucket of beverages on ice to make sure everyone stays hydrated.

Rule of Three

Choose three main colors to create a theme, then carry those colors throughout with accessories like napkins, plates, place cards, paper pom-poms, pennants or balloons. Design by Kim Stoegbauer

Enjoy Your Surroundings

A Japanese garden was the inspiration for this party's Zen theme. The long wooden table provides plenty of space for comfortably serving guests, while low chairs are durable modern re-creations of a centuries-old Japanese design. Design by Jamie Durie

Take the Indoors Outdoors

No patio furniture? Weather permitting, bring your dining table, chairs, china, glasses and utensils outdoors to turn your party into a fine-dining experience. Design by One Charming Party