The Newest Health-Inspired Beverages Come in Cans

Check out 15 new sips really shaking up the market.

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February 09, 2021

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Thirsty? The market for canned beverages has recently exploded and moved far beyond flavored seltzer. From caffeinated drinks to craft mocktails, it’s all coming at you in a can.

Flavored + Sparkling

Flavored seltzers are not exactly new, but there are a few new kids on the block shaking things up.

These zero-proof options were designed to make nonalcoholic drinks more exciting — mission accomplished! DRY is available in a variety of flavors, including vanilla, cucumber, Rainier cherry and ginger.

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There’s nothing but sparkling water and natural flavors in these bright blue cans. Sip on clean, flavorful bursts of cherry, peach, lemon-lime, pink grapefruit and some limited-edition flavors.

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This hop-infused sparkling water comes in four flavors, lemon lime, mango, blood orange and black cherry, and was designed for those times when you want to sip on something more exciting than water.

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Cocktails + Mocktails

Months of quarantine have shaken up the wet bar, inspiring many canned craft cocktails and mocktails. It is also timely, as these single servings help with portion control and are quaretine-friendly.


With AVEC you get beautifully balanced flavor combos to use as cocktail mixers or solo as a fancy mocktail. Explore flavors including hibiscus and pomegranate, as well as jalapeno and blood orange. Suggested alcohol pairings come printed on each can.

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From booze-less beers (several varieties) to "Dry Secco" with no added sugar, these are an awesome alternative to tossing back their alcoholic counterparts.

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Move over, White Claw. Oregon-based Suzie’s is serving up cans of hard seltzer made with organic ingredients in flavors like VeryBerry and KiwiMango.

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Coffee + Tea

Caffeinated cans have gotten so much more interesting than sugar energy drinks (sorry, Red Bull). Some of these coffee and tea bevvies are also allergen-friendly.

Minna offers blends of brewed tea (caffeinated and decaf) with subtle yet exciting flavors and a touch of effervescence. Try the Tropical Green Tea, with hints of pineapple and passionfruit.

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WW is getting in on the coffee drink craze, with a 100-calorie mix of coffee, milk and a sensible amount of sugar (about 1 1/2 teaspoons).

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These flavored sparklers provide a jolt of caffeine from an infusion of coffee fruit — the fruit that grows outside the coffee bean — along with fruit juice and sparkling water.

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These nitrogen-infused canned coffees, teas and lattes are made traditionally or with oat milk, providing varying amounts of caffeine and sweetness.

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Canned drinks are also getting spiked with added vitamins, minerals and adaptogens (herbal substances with medicinal applications). Some of these additions may cause side effects or interact with some medications; read ingredients carefully and check with your doctor or pharmacist if warranted.

These beautifully designed cans of botanical water are perfumed with dragon fruit, lemon, cardamom, and adaptogens like rooibos and ashwagandha.

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With Sipp you’ll get blends of bubbles, fruit and herbs, lightly sweetened with agave and punched up with green coffee and camu camu (a plant-based antioxidant believed to help fight inflammation).

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Love the citrus bite of hops but prefer to pass on beer? Try this hop-infused water, flavored with mango and blood orange. These cans are also dosed with ashwagandha, maca root and the amino acid L-theanine, a possible nootropic (a substance that claims to boost cognitive function).

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Even "booch" is getting a reboot! These canned fermented teas feature digestion-loving probiotics, plus a few unexpected ingredients.


A healthier alternative to soda, these drinks feature fun flavors, less sugar than soda, plus those prebiotics and minerals (calcium and magnesium) from seaweed.

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These seltzers contain a cold-brewed, low-calorie blend of tea and kombucha cultures, and they’re available in three flavors: ginger, cucumber and grapefruit.

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This line of "hard" kombucha features higher percent alcohol, zero sugar, and wildly exciting flavors like watermelon chili and mango coconut. The cans also contain an "adaptogen root blend" made with ginger and turmeric.

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