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Food Safety When Traveling

A food safety expert shares tips for staying healthy on the road.

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Smart Habits

Whether you're going by car, plane, or train, the smart food safety habits you practice at home can sometimes slide when you're travelling. Follow these 10 simple tips to avoid getting sick on your next trip.

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Mind Your Time

It's easy to lose track of time on a long journey. And if left unrefrigerated, foods like yogurt, chicken sandwich, or hummus are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. As such, eat these types of foods within 4 hours, or toss 'em.

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Separate Raw Foods From Cooked

If you're bringing raw meats to cook at a ski house or host house, wrap and separate it from the ready-to-eat and cooked foods. If you're travelling by car, put it on ice and be mindful of the time it sits out at room temperature (no more than 4 hours!).

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Wipe Your Tray Table

In a 2015 study by TravelMath, a microbiologist collected 26 samples from 5 airports and 4 flights, and found airplane tray tables to be the dirtiest place on an airplane. Wipe your tray tables down with a chemical wipe and never touch your food directly: always use a napkin or utensil to grab it.

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