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Portions: Then and Now

What’s a portion size? It’s the amount of food or drink a person chooses to consume at one time. Over the past 20 years, portion sizes have increased dramatically, and so have our waistlines. Here are a few flashbacks that’ll show you the real differences between what we were eating then versus what we’re eating now.
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In the 1990s a bagel was only 3 inches in diameter.

Calories: 140


In 20 years, the size of a bagel has doubled, while the calories have increased by two and a half times.

Calories: 350

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In the 1990s, a regular-sized soda weighed in at 6.5 fluid ounces.

Calories: 85 


Nowadays, a regular-sized soda has more than tripled in size.

Calories: 250

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Pepperoni Pizza

Two decades ago, downing two slices of a large pepperoni pizza would set you back a mere 500 calories — about the recommended amount you should get in one meal.

Calories: 500


Nowadays, scarf down two slices of a large pepperoni pizza and it’ll cost you almost half the average daily recommended number of calories (which is 2,000).

Calories: 850

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If you headed to see a flick back in the 1990s (Back to the Future Part III, anyone?), a small-sized popcorn was a reasonable treat.

Calories: 270


These days, a movie-theater-sized tub of popcorn has more than twice the number of calories.

Calories: 630

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