Market Watch: Name That Spring Green

Spring is prime season for farm-fresh greens, but all the different types and deciding what to do with them can get confusing. Here are five greens to try.


Farm-fresh spinach tastes better than anything out of a bag from the grocery store — it's so fresh, the roots are still attached! Enjoy in a simple mixed green salad or cook down along with some Swiss chard.

Bok Choy

Also called Chinese white cabbage, bok choy is delicious in soups, slaws or stir-fries. The white stalks and green leaves are both edible and have one-of-a-kind flavor and texture.

Dandelion Greens

Don't miss out on these underappreciated greens. Enjoy them sauteed or raw in salads. Want to try something really different? Swap them for the basil in a pesto recipe.

Mustard Greens

You can always spot mustard greens by their fluffy and bright green leaves. They have a fresh and tangy bite that mellows out when they're steamed or sauteed. Try this recipe for Garlic Greens with smoked paprika and hot sauce.


Firm and frilly leaves are to thank for kale's amazing texture. Chopped kale makes a delightfully chewy pizza topping, or pair it up with equally sturdy and flavorful beet greens. Check your local farmers' markets for different varieties — ever seen Red Russian Kale?