Battling to Keep Weight Off

Picture by Sanja Gjenero

Many people find ways to lose the weight, but then what? Keeping the weight off may be more difficult than losing it.

When Oprah admitted that she was tipping the scales at over 200 pounds last month, many were shocked. Only a few years ago, she was revealing her perfectly shaped abs on the cover of her magazine.

But if you look at the stats, it’s not that surprising. Ninety-five percent of people who lose weight regain it within one year. Besides the fame, fortune and having her own TV show, Oprah really isn’t much different than most people who struggle with their weight. Of course, that doesn't mean you should just give up.

Admitting that you regained weight is the first big step. As it is the start of a new year, it’s a great time to get back on track. The National Weight Registry follows dieters eating patterns and found that those who kept off the weight followed a diet that was low in fat and calories and were highly active. They also found that 78% ate breakfast everyday, 62% watched less than 10 hours of television per week and 90% exercised an average of one hour per day. Stay motivated by involving friends and family.

We understand the struggle and want to help. Check back with us for nutrition tips and our approved healthy recipes, and let us know your goals and progress.

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