Getting to Know Us: Dana White

Some folks have been asking to know more about the voices of Healthy Eats. You can see Dana and Toby's official credentials here, but for a glimpse into their food lives and loves, they've filled out a fun food quiz. First up, Dana White, dietitian and fitness extraordinaire...

Some folks have been asking to know more about the voices of Healthy Eats. You can see Dana and Toby's official credentials here, but for a glimpse into their food lives and loves, they've filled out a fun quiz.

First up, Dana Angelo White, dietitian and fitness extraordinaire...

You're stranded on a desert island. What five food items do you hope are on hand?
In no particular order:
• Lemons – the juice and zest are perfect for so many things

• Brown Rice Pasta – a delicious whole grain pasta, I eat it at least once a week

• Natural peanut butter – all I want in my peanut butter is peanuts and salt, so delicious!

• Nectarines – a fruit I could never get sick of

• Any green vegetable – I eat what ever is in season so I would take whatever I could get

What's your guiltiest indulgence?

Ice cream – I paid my way through private school and college working at Ashley’s Ice Cream in Connecticut. The most amazing homemade ice cream on the planet! I never make a trip to my hometown without picking some up.

What dish do you love to cook?

Stir-fry gets made quite often in our house. It’s so quick, easy and delicious. Sometimes with shrimp, sometimes with roasted tofu and whatever vegetables I have in the fridge.

What food do you always bring to a potluck party?
Ina Garten’s Szechuan Noodles
What recipe does everyone always ask you for?

My banana chocolate chip muffins. Made with soy milk, bananas, apple butter, maple syrup and just the right amount of chocolate chips, they are so yummy and good for you.

If you could have dinner with three people (from the past or present), who would they be?
1. Michael Pollan
2. Julia Child
3. Peyton Manning (quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts)
What's one food you just can't stand?
Processed meats – bologna, SPAM, olive loaf – yuck!
What ice cream flavor would you be?
Banana Oreo – a favorite creation from my ice cream-making days
What's your favorite kitchen gadget or appliance?

Gadget = a microplane – perfect for grating citrus zest, cheese, garlic, nutmeg or chocolate

Appliance = a good food processor – they can chop, slice, puree. You can make everything from pesto to coleslaw to pie dough.

Favorite fruit: a three-way tie between nectarines, blood oranges and tomatoes (yes, tomatoes are a fruit)

Favorite veggie: Sweet potatoes - roasted with olive oil salt and pepper

Favorite kid-friendly dish: Mac & cheese – enough said

Favorite cookbook: The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. This is the first of six by Ina Garten; they are all amazing, but if I had to pick one, this would be it.

Mexican or Italian?

It’s a tough call and my grandparent's Italian cooking is hard to beat. But…. I would have to go with Mexican. I love cooking fresh Mexican food, lots of chilies and avocado. Fish tacos with guacamole and a margarita can’t be beat!

PB&J sandwich or grilled cheese?

PB&J – HUGE FAN! I love it for a meal or a snack. Natural peanut butter, whole wheat bread and any flavor natural fruit spread - it’s the perfect food.

You get one food-related wish - what would it be?

To have California produce on the East Coast where I live.

[Ed. Note: the picture above is Dana at a California vineyard; she says, "I look at these in the winter and get happy immediately."]

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