Getting to Know Us: Toby Amidor

Dana White told us a few things about her food loves and life. Now, Toby Amidor weighs in on her favorites.

Dana told us a few things about her food favorites. This time, Toby Amidor weighs in. And remember, these are just their fun answers; you can learn more about their nutrition credentials here.

Now, let's meet Toby...

You’re stranded on a desert island. What five food items do you hope are on hand?

As a registered dietitian, I'd suggest a well-balanced meal: dry beans, rice, quinoa, fruits and veggies and hope you could from some additional protein from the fish of the sea. In reality, these are the five foods I couldn't live without today (since this is always changing): grapefruit, chocolate, olives, champagne and eggs.

What’s your guiltiest indulgence?
cold M&Ms (I like them only if they are in the fridge)
What dish do you love to cook?

My husband told me about chicken plov, a rice-and-chicken dish that has carrots and onions. His father used to cook it for him. It originates from Uzbekistan so I searched high and low for an Uzbek cookbook that had the recipe. I finally found one and have now perfected it.

What food do you always bring to a potluck party?

I like to bring fruit. Many people think dessert is only cookies and cakes, but fruit is also a great dessert.

What recipe does everyone always ask you for?

These days it’s healthy, kid-friendly recipes: chicken nuggets (not fried/lower in fat) or other easy chicken dishes, meatballs or chicken soup. Info on making your own baby food would be second on the list.

If you could have dinner with three people (from the past or present), who would they be?

1) Oprah: I would love to sit down and talk all about food and see what’s really up with her weight gain.

2) My “Girl’s Night Out” group of moms — can’t give that up!

3) Dana: I’ve been trying to have dinner with her for a year now and she’s a great cook.

What’s one food you just can’t stand?
What ice cream flavor would you be?
Mint chocolate chip
What’s your favorite kitchen gadget or appliance?

Dana introduced me to the reamer and it makes me laugh every time I say it. But seriously, I could not live without my vegetable chopper, which I use to make chopped salad almost everyday.

Favorite fruit: grapefruit
Favorite veggie: spinach

Favorite kid-friendly dish: Mac & cheese, freshly made with a touch of salsa (not from the box!)

Favorite cookbook: When I got married, I received this Martha Stewart cookbook that I just loved.

Mexican or Italian?
PB&J sandwich or grilled cheese?

PB&J - Trader Joe’s Natural peanut butter, jelly and Trader Joe's whole wheat bread.

You get one food-related wish - what would it be?

I wish I had a huge vegetable garden and fruit trees in my backyard so I could pick fresh produce every day!

Ed. Note: In the photo above, Toby is picking apples in upstate New York with her daughter. She says, "I feel it's important to show children where food comes from at a young age."

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