Getting to Know Us: Katie Cavuto Boyle

Keeping with tradition, our new blogger (and Next Food Network Star finalist) Katie Cavuto Boyle filled out our fun, food-filled questionnaire. Check out her answers and give her a warm Healthy Eats welcome.

We debuted a new blogger this week -- Katie Cavuto Boyle, registered dietitian and finalist on this summer's The Next Food Network Star. Every Sunday, Katie will offer her healthy musings (aptly titled "Katie's Healthy Bites"). Keeping with tradition, she also filled out our fun, food-filled questionnaire. Check out her answers and give her a warm Healthy Eats welcome.

You’re stranded on a desert island. What five food items do you hope are on hand?
    • Quinoa – I could eat it as is or I could grind it down to flour for bread and pasta.
  • Tomatoes – One of my favorite things to cook with.
  • Fruit – Whatever is in season, I love it all!
  • Almond butter or almonds
  • Greek yogurt
What’s your guiltiest indulgence?
Bacon, I secretly love it! Everything in moderation, right?
What dish do you love to cook?

Chicken sausage or shrimp (or both) with white beans, tomatoes and kale

What food do you always bring to a potluck party?
A veggie, bean or pasta salad (or combination of all three)
What recipe does everyone always ask you for?
Chicken and Spinach Lasagna or Mediterranean Couscous Salad
If you could have dinner with three people (from the past or present), who would they be?
    • Grandparents (all four…I know that’s cheating)
  • Dalai Lama
  • Mario Batali, but I would want to go on a culinary adventure with him (Spain, Greece or Italy preferred)
What’s one food you just can’t stand?
Foie gras and processed meat products (pork roll, scrapple, etc.)
What ice cream flavor would you be?
Berry Graham Crunch
What’s your favorite kitchen gadget or appliance?
Immersion blender and microplane…it’s a tie!
Favorite fruit: grapes and berries

Favorite veggie: kale, chard or Brussels sprouts…but I love them all!

Favorite kid-friendly dish: chicken fingers and mac and cheese

Favorite cookbook: Jamie Oliver's Jamie At Home – all about growing your own food and bringing it to life in the kitchen

Mexican or Italian?

That’s tough…I am 100% Italian so I am a huge fan, but my husband loves Mexican food (we actually were married in Mexico) so we eat it often. As long as it is fresh and full of colors and flavors, I’m in!

PB&J sandwich or grilled cheese?

Grilled cheese (a little burnt) — this is 100% comfort food.

You get one food-related wish -- what would it be?

To have an amazing organic farm (and someone to tend to it), full of all of my favorite fruits and veggies and a year-round growing season so I always had local, fresh ingredients!

See Katie's full professional credentials here.

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