Weekly Bits: Back-to-School Eats

We celebrated back-to-school week this week! (Could you tell?) You gave us lots of tips making back-to-school transitions easier at every time of day -- breakfast, lunch, even snack time

All week we covered back-to-school topics, and you shot back with your own ideas for kid- and adult-friendly snacks, lunches and more.

"I don't ever buy out of the vending machines! I keep healthy snack options on hand that I bring fresh from home (like yogurt or veggies/fruit or raw nuts). I also keep some "shelf stable" choices in my desk -- usually 100-calorie packs of roasted almonds, Kashi granola bars or something else that will give me a protein/carb combination." -- Linda

"If I'm hosting a party in the summer, I will use a melon baller on a cantaloupe and honey dew, chunk watermelon piece and make large slices of bananas; then I skewer them & make a dip with crushed pineapple, vanilla instant pudding and sour cream. It's a great way to get the kids to eat their fruit. There are endless possibilities too. I think all fruit can be skewered and it's so colorful!!" -- ATok

"My daughter has a peanut allergy so my son eats sunflower butter (made from sunflower seeds so it's nut-free). It's really quite good and has a very similar taste and texture. He likes it every bit as he does peanut butter. Try it." -- Maria

On Facebook, we asked you what made it into your kids' lunches, and you had some great ideas:

"Staples in my girls lunches are yogurt, fresh fruit, a veggie, a protein (I'm not going to lie, it's common to have nuggets, PB&J or pizza) and a snack (crackers or Pirate's Booty). I try to stay as well rounded as possible!" -- Claire

"My 10 year old gets overwhelmed by food. I try to pack small portions -- half a sandwich on whole-grain bread, fruit, chocolate soy milk, string cheese -- and usually either some whole-grain organic chips or nuts for a snack later in the day." -- Nancy

We also asked our Twitter followers what they were serving on their Meatless Monday dinner table:

"Grilled portabellas, corn on the cob and salad" -- Ginger
"Roasted veggies from our CSA mixed with quinoa." -- Julie

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