Weekly Bits: Foods We Love

This week, we told you about some of our go-to healthy foods -- cottage cheese, leftover rice and our top picks for jarred pasta sauces. You came back with even more ways to love them. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

This week, we told you about some of our quick and easy foods -- cottage cheese, leftover rice and top picks for jarred pasta sauces. You came back with even more ways to love them. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

"In lasagna, I use half cottage cheese, half ricotta to lighten it up. But my favorite is cottage cheese with pineapple mixed in!" --Maria, via Facebook

"I use cottage cheese on baked potatoes instead of sour cream and on salads instead of dressing." --Angie, via Facebook

"I like to use up my leftover rice in a quick egg scramble. I'll scramble up some eggs, then throw in brown rice and some arugula or mache (my go-to lettuces of choice). Once the lettuce is wilted, I add a little Parmesan cheese on top, and I've got a tasty and healthy meal in minutes!" --Julo

"I never just use what comes out of the jar. I usually buy the store brand, mix it with a can of spicy Hunts (cheaper than glass jar brands), and jazz it up with spices and my own mushrooms, onions and tons of garlic. Even the worst store brand can be great in the end. When I need it to stretch, I add a can of tomatoes and tomato paste. A little red wine never hurt anyone either." --Tom

"Quick question -- I recently bought what was essentially a box of trail mix. However, when I came home and saw the ingredients, they included 'Hydrogenated Palm and/or Canola and/or Sunflower Oil.' The nutrition label indicated no trans fats. However, I am very concerned on the presence of hydrogenated oils in what is supposed to be a trail mix product." --Josh

Dana's response: "Yes, those labels do make it extra difficult to understand! Basically if the ingredients include 'partially hydrogenated' oils then it always means trans fats are present. 'Hydrogenated' oils almost always indicate the presence of trans fats as well. On the other hand, 'fully hydrogenated' oils are not the same -- it's a slightly different process that doesn't create trans fats. No matter what, it's best to limit the amounts of any of these oils in your diet."

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