Healthy Pregnancy: Staying Hydrated

Eating healthy foods isn’t the only thing you have to do when pregnant. Along with more calories, you need more fluids to keep everything running smoothly.

Eating healthy isn’t the only thing you have to do when you’re pregnant. Along with more calories, you need to get more fluids to keep everything running smoothly.

You Are What You…Drink?

During my pregnancy, I made the mistake of letting myself get dehydrated once and, boy, was I sorry. I went for a long walk on a hot day and before it was over, I felt like I got hit by a truck! With all the extra blood flowing to your baby, you need to take in extra fluids to help keep everything working properly. Dehydration actually makes you more tired (and you’re tired enough already), but thankfully, it’s easily avoidable.

It may seem backwards to drink more when you’re already puffy and swollen, but doing it keeps your body balanced. You’ll need to continue to drink more even after the baby comes — for breastfeeding!

    Tips for Moms-To-Be
  • Don’t leave home without it: Keep something to drink with you at all times.
  • All fluids count: We absorb water the fastest, but all beverages help keep you hydrated - so mix it up.
  • Chill out: People tend to drink more when beverages are chilled. Throw a few ice cubes in your glass or refillable plastic bottle.
  • Rise and shine: Start your morning with a small glass of 100% fruit juice; it’ll also give your blood sugar a boost.
  • Sweet Dreams: Keep a glass of water by the bed -- you’ll be getting up frequently anyway so take a few sips every time!
    More on getting hydrated:

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