Reading List: Goat Meat On Menus, A New Mexican Food Show & Bloody Mary Time

In this week’s nutrition news: The negative effects of fortified foods, chemical linked to infertility, and a new Mexican cooking show

In this week’s nutrition news: The negative effects of fortified foods, a new Mexican cooking show and goat meat is what's for dinner.

The Downside of Fortified Foods

These days many food manufacturers claim they’re adding vitamins to improve our health. If someone downs a few of these products (especially energy juices and bars), they can take in up to 20 times the recommended amounts of a vitamin. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. Too much of any vitamin can produce signs of toxicity -- for example, too much vitamin C can lead to an upset stomach. Get too much vitamin A and you'll have more serious symptoms like nausea, vomiting, blurry vision and eventually liver damage. If you're trying these fortified products, read the labels and stay away from the super-boosted ones just in case.

Perfect for the Weekend: Bloody Mary, Lightened Up

Sunday brunch wouldn’t be the same without a Bloody Mary. We came across this lighter version at Instead of vodka, they use shochu, a Japanese distilled beverage that’s made from rice, sweet potato or barley. It’s weaker than vodka (with only 25% alcohol by volume), which means it contains fewer calories.

Goat Meat, Anyone?
A new restaurant called Girl and the Goat opens this spring in Chicago and guess what's on the menu? No, not a girl. Goat, a lean meat that's gaining popularity, has become a popular choice in several Chicago restaurants. Goat is a common ingredient in various cuisines in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. But at Chicago's Girl and the Goat, Chef Stephanie Izard will be flavoring hers up with seasonings such as garlic, brown sugar, black peppercorns and fresh herbs. Have you tried goat meat before?
New Mexican Cooking Show on Food Network

This past weekend I dined at the eclectic Mexican restaurant La Esquina in New York City. My mouth was watering as the plantains, spicy mini tacos and cheesy corn hit my table. Mexican fare is big these days, and Food Network is jumping on the Mexican food trend with a new show, Mexican Made Easy. The show, which stars cookbook author Marcela Valladolid, debuted last week. It'll be fun to see what flavor combos Marcela comes up with.

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