Grilled Chicken 5 Ways

Plain old grilled chicken breasts are a tasty and healthy option, but there are so many other ways prepare this lean protein. Fire up the grill for these five fabulous recipes.

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Grilled Chicken Recipe

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We're celebrating the unofficial start of summer here at Healthy Eats with Memorial Day recipes all week long. Today, we're featuring a crowd-pleasing favorite: Grilled chicken. Plain old grilled chicken breasts are a tasty and healthy option, but there are so many other ways to spice up this lean protein! Fire up the grill and get creative with five tasty recipes.

Golden and Crispy

Cooking a whole chicken on the grill is easier than you think, especially if you ask the butcher to butterfly your bird.  The flattened surface makes for even cooking, and the bones and skin will keep meat tender and juicy. Just have a small taste of the crispy skin; most of the artery-clogging fat and calories are in there.

Tender and Flavorful

Dark meat is full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and the flavor can’t be beat. That’s why chicken thighs made our list of foods that are healthier than you think.

Thin and Quick-Cooking

Thinly pounded chicken breasts only take a few minutes to cook and they’re ready for salads and sandwiches. Watch Bobby Flay demonstrate the prep work in this video.


Thread cubes marinated of chicken breast with grapes, chopped onion, pineapple or bell pepper and grill. Eat right off the skewers or serve over a bed of mixed greens with a homemade salad dressing.

Perfect For Dipping

Satay makes a fun appetizer and the dipping sauce can be made ahead of time. Serve it with brown rice and jicama salad for an easy dinner.

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