Weekly Bits: Greek Yogurt, Basil, and Foods to Forget About

Foods to avoid, uses for Greek yogurt, and fun and delicious uses for basil and cucumbers.
greek yogurt

This week we were talking about the importance of eating food that is fresh, fresh, fresh!  You responded with your favorite ways to eat basil and how to enjoy those cool, satisfying cucumbers. Plus, you gave us some unique ideas for eating Greek yogurt and weighed in on the debate over which foods to avoid. Great comments this week!

From Basil 5 Ways:
We asked you to tell us how you used basil. Here were your responses:
"I make basil beer bread...YUM." - Kristin, via Healthy Eats

"Place a pot of basil on your kitchen windowsill to keep flies away." - Dorothy, via Facebook

"How about a salad of watermelon, cotija cheese, basil and fresh lime juice?" - @CookingErin, via Twitter

How do you eat cucumbers? Here's how a few of you snack on this cool, crisp veggie:

"Slice them and us them instead of crackers when making canapes." - FoodFreak, via Healthy Eats

"Sliced up in a nice cold glass of water with lots of ice...very refreshing!!!" - Teresa, via Facebook

"Mixed with Greek yogurt, lime juice, garlic, salt and pepper over a chicken pita." - Angelica, via Facebook

There was a lot of debate over what our experts had to say -- Which foods did you shy away from?

"Spam." - Nannette, via Facebook

"Packaged flavors of rice blends and pasta salad - the sodium levels are generally outrageous and making your own is so much better and relatively easy." -- Ann, via Healthy Eats

"For the most part my general rule is, if it comes in a box it isn't food." -- Laurie, via Healthy Eats

"Before The Lady of the Fridge allows a food on the shelves of her "home" she asks, "What have you done for me lately?" - Carolyn, via Healthy Eats

"Maybe the overall message here is -- don't be lazy! Cook good dishes made with real ingredients...read labels before you buy and don't avoid fresh produce." - Robert, via Healthy Eats

We tested 5 Greek yogurts and picked our favorites, then asked you how you enjoyed the creamy, protein-packed treat.  Here are some of your best ideas:

"Add a warm muffin (preferably with chocolate chips in it!) and mix it together with some fruit. It almost has the texture of cake and frosting!" - Jessica, via Healthy Eats

"I like plain yogurt on pasta with a little garlic salt - it makes a great low fat alfredo alternative." - Babs, via Healthy Eats

"I use it as a substitute for heavy cream in creamed spinach -- just delicious!!!" - Andrea A., via Healthy Eats

"My favorite time to snack on Greek yogurt is during the late afternoon slump. It really satisfies that sweet craving I get around that time, and the protein fills me up until dinner." - Julie, via Healthy Eats

"I like to spread it on waffles with warm berry compote!" - Carol, via Facebook

Rachel is a Food Network intern from the University of Michigan. She loves to travel and sample healthy, regional dishes, but enjoys indulging in good, old-fashioned ice cream every now and then! Read more about all of our contributors »

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