Weekly Bits: Old Faves, New Tastes


Every time we talk eggs, you all come back with ever more delicious-sounding suggestions. But here's an ingredient not many people have tried: fiddleheads. Find them both on this week's list of reader tips and comments.

In honor of National Egg Day this past Thursday, we got even more egg-cellent recipes good for breakfast, lunch or dinner:

"Sautee a mix of onions, various peppers, chopped kale and spinach lightly. Make this into a 'wreath' in the pan. Crack two farm-fresh free-range eggs into the center, then put the lid on the pan and let steam 'till the eggs look overeasy. Optional: add some chopped tomatoes or salsa and a crumble of feta, once in a while a slice or two of crumbled bacon. Serve with half a grapefruit, and you're good to go!" --Patti, via Facebook

"I microwave one egg plus one egg white, and make my own McSandwich with a light English muffin and low-fat cheese." --Marilyn, via Facebook

"Shakshouka: On a heavy skillet sautee some onions with garlic, then add red bell peppers (cubed), cover and simmer. When they are soft, add some seedless cubed tomatoes and simmer some more until the sauce thickens a bit, season with salt & pepper and chilies if you like spicy, then break some eggs over the mix. Let them cook uncovered until they look just like sunny-side-ups. Great for brunch!" --Betina, via Facebook

"They are fine to pick and eat [on woodland walks]; that's what most people who have been enjoying fiddleheads for years do! My husband and I pick them regularly along the roads in New Hampshire, and we're still here!" --Noreen

"Wednesdays are actually busy shopping days where I live. It's double flyer day, where everything from the week before and the next week are on sale at the same time. It's the best! It's true a lot of times they'll list something as 4 for $1, but it's only $.25 for 1. I always just ask." --Julie

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