Weekly Bits: Eat Your Vegetables!

Check out these reader comments on lightening up eggplant Parmesan, stuffing squash blossoms, and other tasty tidbits.


Assorted heirloom potatoes

Photo by: Frans Rombout

Frans Rombout

This week, we featured ideas on how to cook those beautiful farmers' market squash blossoms and you gave us some yummy suggestions too!  We also gave some eggplant recipes that were great for keeping your figure in shape this summer. Eggplant Parmesan, "healthified," was a winner!

How do you prepare savory squash blossoms?

"I made with squash blossoms stuffed with rich and veggies...it's delicious!" -- Erika, via Facebook

"I love them stuffed with ricotta!" -- Paula, via Facebook
"You can add them to your salads." -- Dorothy, via Facebook

You gave us some of your favorite gluten-free flour faves.

"Almond flour (or almond meal) is a great substitute for wheat flours that is suited for celiacs. It makes amazing muffins." -- Michelle, via Healthy Eats

"I really like Bob's Red Mill gluten-free flour that was mentioned in the article. It does have a nutty taste...but it works well making gluten-free "graham" crackers for my ASD son." -- Jennifer, via Facebook

You gave us some tasty ideas and techniques for working with eggplant!

"We did eggplant parmesan on the grill and used higher-end cheese (fresh from the market rather than packaged) and it was excellent. When you use good cheese, you don't need as much. Highly recommend it grilled!!! It was the best eggplant parmesan I have ever had. We added a grilled portobello  and chopped it into cubes for extra flavor." -- Renee, via Healthy Eats

"Let the eggplant's natural water out by sprinkling some salt on it and let it drain for at leats 1 hour. It will take the extra water out and the eggplant will be less spongy. It will also take the bitter out!!!" -- Mercedesmafnas, via Healthy Eats

"I sliced eggplant and green tomatoes and cooked them in a little olive oil and tossed with broccoli, whole wheat pasta and sundried tomates tonight." -- Linda, via Healthy Eats

Bananas aren't the only source of potassium!

"A baked potato topped with Greek yogurt is my preferred potassium delivery system." -- Linda, via Healthy Eats

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