Top Healthy Recipes of 2010

By: Liz Gray
Healthy Oven-Fried Chicken


Breaded chicken in a white dish

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Marina Malchin

You've been clicking, searching and cooking up recipes from all year long, including lots of healthy favorites! Here are our all-star, most popular healthy recipes of 2010.

Chicken Recipes

Chicken is a go-to weeknight meal for all our readers, and it's easy to see why: Chicken is quick-cooking, healthy and delicious.  These were the top chicken picks of 2010:

Italian Recipes

Italian food is delicious, but many restaurant versions are drowning in oil and cheese.  But you, dear readers, are smart: You know making it yourself is cheaper, healthier and even more delicious!  Here are the most-viewed healthy Italian recipes of 2010:

Healthy Appetizer Recipes

Appetizers may be small, but a night of little bites can add up, especially those loaded with butter and cream.  These popular, lighter picks are delicious, yet lower in calories.

Fish Favorites

Fish is the perfect addition to your weeknight rotation: It's quick-cooking, delicious and even qualifies for a Meatless Monday meal.  Your favorites this year? Salmon and tilapia.

Healthy Desserts

We all need the occasional sweet treat. This year, you went crazy over these healthier desserts:

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