The Brown-Bag Challenge is Over, Are You Still Packing Your Lunch?

brown-bag challenge

The Brown-Bag Challenge has been over for a full week. The results? Amazing. The challenge turned out to be not-so-challenging after all, thanks to a wonderfully supportive community of healthy lunch-packers. Reading everyone's posts, emails and tweets was incredibly motivating. And several of Food Network co-workers took the challenge along with me so not only did we eat together in the office and share lunch ideas, we didn't encourage each other to eat out (like we often do).

I intended to celebrate a successful month by treating myself to a restaurant lunch this week, but I ended up with a lot of dinner leftovers, so continued to brown-bag instead. Next week though, I think I might get myself some Thai food.

What about you? Have you eaten out since the challenge, or are you still packing your lunch?

I'd also like to extend a great big "thank you" to everyone who participated. I've been continually impressed with everyone's dedication and spirit, plus creative, healthy lunches. Can't wait to do this again next year!

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