12 Days of Holiday Gifts: AeroGarden

Give the gift of fresh herbs all year long with an indoor herb grower, the Aerogarden.
By: Janel Ovrut Funk

Do you have someone one your holiday gift list who loves to cook with fresh herbs? Give the gift of flavor this year – and the magic of a guaranteed green thumb – with the AeroGarden. I received this three years ago as a gift and cannot believe how effortlessly I’m able to grow fresh herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, or even flowers year-round. My AeroGarden sprouts fresh herbs so rapidly, I oftentimes find myself giving sprigs of thyme and dill to neighbors and family members. This, coming from someone who can’t keep a houseplant alive for more than a week (no exaggeration)!

I love having fresh basil, dill, thyme, and sage, growing right in my apartment ready to be plucked and added to recipes for a kick of flavor and a punch of the antioxidants that are packed in fresh herbs.

AeroGardens are foolproof, dirt-free, indoor gardens that everyone can use, even if you have a black thumb like me. The AeroGarden’s red light notifies you when its time to add water and nutrients, which come with the seed pods you buy. An overhead light even turns on and off, which simulates the sun. Get this for the cook on your list as a holiday gift and by New Years Day, they’ll have small sprouts that will flourish into flavorful and fragrant herbs (or lettuce or flowers).

Here are some of my favorite creations using herbs from my AeroGarden:

TELL US: What’s your favorite fresh herb to have on hand?

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