Food Network Kitchens Predicts Angel/Devil Eating in 2012

Food Network Kitchens comes up with an annual list of food trends to look for each coming year. For 2012, look for angel/devil eating, a balance of good and bad.
By: Healthy Eats

The Food Network Kitchens has come up with its annual list of the top trends that will define 2012 in food. Check out one of the trends here, then visit Food Network’s Dish and Cooking Channel's Devour for the rest of the list.

Next year’s hottest fad diet is no diet at all. It is a new kind of moderation we’re calling Angel/Devil: a style of eating that embraces our twin desires to eat healthfully or frugally and to indulge ourselves in order to find a sustainable and sustaining balance between the two.

This is a trend we’ve noticed gathering steam for several years. More and more of us are coming to terms with our split personalities as eaters. In the process we are learning to eat with restraint most of the time, and unbridled, unashamed gusto some of the time: whole grains and lean meats during the week, a bit of bacon and butterfat on the weekend; tailgating on Sunday, meatless on Monday—that sort of thing.

The popularity of the Bittman diet (vegan 'til 6:00), the mini-dessert craze, the continued growth of flexitarian (part-time vegetarian) eating: all these recent trends are manifestations of Angel/Devil moderation. We think 2012 will see more of this: more people feeding their inner angels with wholesome, balanced, even sustainable, foods, as well as indulging their inner devils with over-the-top, rich creations with a lot less guilt or contradiction. -- by Jonathan Midler

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