Healthy Every Week Challenge Weekly Round-Up

Our round-up of week one -- breakfast week -- of our Healthy Every Week January Challenge.
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We're teaming up with fellow food bloggers and healthy eating advocates to host a Healthy Every Week Challenge, a month-long initiative to develop healthy eating habits. The plan an is to develop a manageable healthy habit each week that will carry through the new year. Join us here and share what you’re eating on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #gethealthy.

We made it through week 1 of our Healthy Every Week Challenge, with many successes reported by participants. It seems that most of you were able to eat breakfast every day, or at least almost every day. Many reported quick breakfasts like nut butter on whole wheat toast or a container of yogurt and some fruit. Quite a few of you are egg lovers and there are a lot of die-hard smoothie fans out there, too. But overwhelmingly, the challenge breakfast of choice was oatmeal. When we gave away 2 bags of Coach's Oat's Oatmeal we learned about so many new ways to eat oatmeal -- you like it topped with apples, brown sugar and cinnamon, honey, dried fruit, granola, chia and flax seeds, bananas, berries, pumpkin puree and there was even one report of topping oatmeal with Irish whiskey. To add to the oatmeal love, Kath Freston from shared with us her favorite ways to eat oatmeal (in smoothies, cooked on the stove-top and in pancakes!). The recipe pictured on top got a ton of attention on Twitter, and why wouldn't it -- it's chocolate brownie oatmeal! Its creator, Anjali, over at The Picky Eater ate it every day during week 1 -- a good idea for week 2 as well. The goal for week 2 is to eat more whole grains (you should keep eating breakfast, too!) so keep eating that oatmeal, granola and whole grain toast for breakfast and you're set.

After the jump, see what our friends and participants were up to during week 1 of the challenge.

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Good luck getting your whole grains this week; check back here next Tuesday and we'll recap week 2. If you need some inspiration, find out which grains are considered whole grains, find out how you can get more whole grains into your meals, or try one of our 11 whole-grain recipes.

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