Top Ten Free Food and Nutrition Apps

Our dietitian's 10 favorite free iphone and ipad apps related to food and nutrition..

When it comes to apps for my iPhone and iPad, I can barely wrap my head around the number of available options. I will admit I only go for the freebies, but that has not limited the amazing amount of information and entertainment available. Here are my top mobile apps . . . and yes, they are all FREE!

This app tracks your calories/food intake as well as weight and exercise. It offers voice recorded logging, bar code scanning to search for foods, articles, community support forums and more.

Track food and fitness goals with a huge food database and bar code scanner. MyFitness Pal allows you to add and follow friends for diet motivation and support. You can also set and track customizable goals and get daily nutrition reports.

Looking to decipher a restaurant menu, or even find a restaurant with gluten-free options? This app has information on finding gluten-free restaurants in your area and educational materials on how to order and what to avoid.

A free, educational app that provides information, recipes and tracking journals so living gluten free can be easy and provide you with a balanced diet.

An easy to use app that allows the user to log and track blood sugar level as well as set target ranges. This app provides easy to understand graphs and charts that track blood glucose levels over time.

This app provides nutrition and diabetes education, blood glucose tracking as well as nutrition tracking (calories and carbohydrates), fitness tracking, medication and blood pressure tracking to help you live and maintain a healthy overall lifestyle.

Looking for local produce or a farmers market in your area? This app will let you know what's in season, where to buy it, as well as  recipes so you can cook it up when you get home.

A great way to be organized at the grocery store. Store shopping lists that will sync with your spouse/partners phone, scan items as you buy them to be saved on future lists. It also uses pictures so you always get the correct product.

I am all about buying responsible, sustainable food and this app will help make ocean-friendly, responsible seafood choices. It will give you alternative choices to fish that are on the “avoid” list and offer you “best choice” options as well.

This app gives you the down and dirty on what produce you should buy organic and which items you can get away with eating conventional. A great tool for those looking to eat healthy but save a little money.

What are your favorite mobile apps?

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