How Does Bobby Flay Stay Fit?

Bobby Flay manages to stay trim despite life being immersed in food, and he’s eager to share his secrets in a new web series, Bobby Flay Fit, starting on January 14.
By: Healthy Eats

Chefs are often asked how they stay fit when they work around food all day. Bobby Flay, TV chef, restaurateur and cookbook author, manages to stay trim despite his life being immersed in food, and he’s eager to share his secrets. In seven new, web-exclusive videos premiering on January 14, Bobby Flay Fit follows Bobby on his day-to-day routine, in and out of the office, in the kitchen at home and in at his restaurants, and in the gym. Joined by special guests Michael Symon, Katie Lee and other health and fitness professionals, Bobby shows you how you too can live a healthy life (while still enjoying your favorite foods).

Bobby offers tips for kicking bad habits and picking up good routines, leading you down a healthy path. He says that being fit boils down to something as simple as making a decision to just get out and do it: "It's a decision where the light bulb goes off in your head and you say to yourself, 'I should really do something about this.'"

Bobby Flay Fit premieres on January 14; check back here daily for updates, including Bobby’s new web-exclusive videos, recipes and an insider’s look into his workout routine.

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