Bobby Flay Fit, Episode 10: Stay Fit on the Go

Bobby Flay Jump Rope
Bobby Flay Fit

Bobby Flay manages to stay fit and healthy even with a busy lifestyle as a chef, and he's eager to share his healthy eating and fitness plan with fans in the return of his his Web series, Bobby Flay Fit.

The focus of Episode 10 is staying fit on the go: When juggling a busy schedule and travel plans, ensure that your regular workout routine and healthy eating habits continue on the road by preparing nutritious meals to take along with you and choosing workouts that can be done anywhere.

In Episode 10, Bobby attends a boot camp session in New York City's Central Park and learns that a handful of moves can work out the entire body no matter the location. With a mix of pushups, squats and jumping rope, Bobby manages to target all of his muscles in a short 20-minute workout, which can be completed in a hotel room or even on the beach. He also demonstrates the importance of packing a healthy meal to eat on the go, which will ensure that you don't make poor eating choices due to a lack of time. His Wheat Berry and Farro Salad is quick to prep and full of flavor thanks to charred tomatoes, aged goat cheese and tart pomegranate molasses.

Takeaways from Episode 10:
  • Prepare healthy, portable meals ahead of time to enjoy on the go.
  • If you're pressed for time, boot camp workouts are a great option, as they can be completed in any setting and work the whole body in a short amount of time.
  • Don't give up! All of this hard work will pay off with visible results.
  • Before traveling, do some research and make sure healthy meal choices are available in the area to avoid last-minute stops for fast food.
Make it at home:
wheat berry salad

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