Bobby Flay Fit, Episode 8: Stretch Yourself with Yoga

Bobby Flay manages to stay fit and healthy even with a busy lifestyle as a chef, and he's eager to share his healthy eating and fitness plan with fans in the return of his Web series, Bobby Flay Fit.

Just in time for resolution season, Bobby Flay is back with brand-new episodes of his popular Web series, Bobby Flay Fit. With four new videos added to the lineup, he offers even more tips for staying fit and practicing a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

The focus of Episode 8 is to stretch yourself: It's important to break out of your comfort zone and attempt new types of workouts to keep fitness fun. Yoga provides a full-body workout while improving balance and focus through concentrated breathing.

In Episode 8, Bobby breaks out of his typical cardio routine and stretches himself (literally and figuratively) during his first yoga session. Focusing on his breathing and form, he finds that yoga challenges his body to work in unfamiliar ways and helps him achieve a sense of calm outside of his demanding schedule. Trying a new workout is a great way to stay motivated, and Bobby makes sure to refuel after yoga with a refreshing peach and blackberry yogurt smoothie. Roasting the fruit before blending enhances its natural flavor and sweetness, making this post-workout fuel taste like a well-deserved treat.

Takeaways from Episode 8:
  • Practice makes perfect. It takes time to increase your body's flexibility.
  • Focus on breathing, which will help calm your body and mind during a workout.
  • Refueling after a workout is important, so choose a healthy yet flavorful treat.
  • Don't be afraid to try new things, which will make workouts more fun!
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