7 Health Food Trends for 2014

What new health food trends are on the horizon? Which ingredients will be in health food stores everywhere? And what will restaurant menus be peddling? Here's the scoop for 2014.

Cauliflower is the Next Kale

Cauliflower is taking a page from the kale playbook and stepping up its game. As with its leafy green buddy, culinary enthusiasts are finding new and exciting ways to use the nutrient-dense veggie.

Local and Sustainable (Again)

According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2014 Culinary Forecast, local is big (or would that be bigger?) in 2014. Locally sourced meats and seafood and locally grown produce top the list.

Smaller Portions, Smaller Price

Just sneaking into the top 20 of the National Restaurant Association's list of trends is a call for portion control. Consumers are looking for less, and whether it's about budgets or waste, smaller portions are a better idea for patrons' waistlines.

Breakfast Goes High-Protein

A survey conducted by ConAgra Foods found that 82 percent of those who eat breakfast do so at home. Topping the list of preferred choices: high-protein options like Greek yogurt and eggs.

Homemade Soda

Forget about sugary cans and vending machine bottles. Thanks to bubble-injecting devices like SodaStream, those crazy about carbonation are mixing their own concoctions with everything from fruit juice to alcohol to herbal tea. More homemade sodas, including cocktails for the grown-ups and treats for the kids, are in style for the year ahead.

Allergen-Friendly Nation

The gluten-free craze has meant an increased awareness of all types of food sensitivities and allergies, making it a bit easier for those who suffer from them to navigate various food choices at restaurants and grocery stores.


According to Google, the most searched recipe of 2013 was (drum roll , please) … chili! Classic comfort foods will always be trendy. There are plenty of ways to lighten up this hearty classic in the New Year.

Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC, is a registered dietitian, certified athletic trainer and owner of Dana White Nutrition, Inc., which specializes in culinary and sports nutrition. See Dana's full bio »

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