Greek Yogurt Contenders

Here are the major players that may take on Greek yogurt as the next big thing in the dairy aisle.

For years, Greek yogurt has dominated the dairy case with its high-protein profile and its versatility in the kitchen. ( There are even reasons to eat it for dinner.) But new contenders are threatening to oust Greek yogurt from its throne. Here are the major players to watch out for.

Skyr: Skyr is Iceland’s take on cultured dairy. It’s made from skim milk, so it’s naturally fat-free and high in protein. Since it’s strained, it’s thick, like Greek yogurt. One brand, Siggi’s (pictured above), also delivers far less added sugar than many other flavored yogurts (one container is sweetened with about a teaspoon of agave). Other brands to try: Skyr.

Bulgarian yogurt: What sets Bulgarian yogurt apart is a single type of probiotic — Lactobacillus Bulgaricus — the same culture that’s used in Swiss cheese. Other yogurts may also have L. Bulgaricus, but the Bulgarian yogurt people like to point out that this strain is authentically theirs. Like plain Greek yogurt, it’s creamy and tangy, but it has a slightly looser consistency and is usually made with whole milk. Brands to try: Trimona and White Mountain.

Fromage blanc: This French dairy product is essentially a soft, mild-flavored cheese. Unlike the other foods listed here, fromage blanc is not cultured. That means you won’t get the probiotic benefits from it, but it’s also a bit more versatile, since it lacks yogurt’s tang. Plus, when it’s made with low-fat milk, it’s low in fat and high in protein. Vermont Creamery (pictured) and Cypress Grove are two brands that make fromage blanc. Meanwhile, Stonyfield has come out with its own riff on fromage blanc, Petite Crème, which it makes in a variety of flavors.




Kefir: Kefir is the original yogurt smoothie. It’s essentially drinkable yogurt — pourable yogurt that’s thicker than milk. Find out more about kefir, along with varieties to try, here.

Australian-style yogurt: First there was Wallaby (pictured), then Noosa and Yulu. Showing us that yogurt doesn’t need to be dry to also be thick. These yogurts are creamy, smooth and oh-so-luscious (can you tell which one is our favorite?).

Kerri-Ann is a registered dietitian who writes on food and health trends. Find more of her work at or follow her on Twitter @kerriannrd or Facebook.

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