Nutrition News: Nutritionists’ Breakfasts, Vitamin C Benefits, McDonald’s Cage-Free Eggs  

Nutrition experts share breakfast picks, vitamin C offers exercise-like benefits, McDonald’s promises only cage-free eggs by 2025.

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Photo by: Photographer: Andrei Preda ©Copyright: Andrei Preda

Photographer: Andrei Preda, Copyright: Andrei Preda

Nutritionist breakfast recommendations

What do nutrition experts eat for breakfast? Because September is “breakfast month” — who knew? — Business Insider asked 38 of them what they liked to eat for the meal that is widely regarded as the day’s most important, and why. Their picks include a lot of old standbys, such as eggs, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, whole grains, nuts and fruit, but they also include some eye-opening items, like sweet potatoes, organic tofu and pumpkin seeds. Feast your eyes on their suggestions — and then just feast.

C how easy?

We’re always told there’s no substitute for exercise, but … um … what if there is? A new study, conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder, suggests that taking vitamin C supplements daily may provide cardiovascular benefits similar to those offered by regular exercise to adults who are overweight and obese. Because so many of these adults do not get regular daily exercise and enjoy its benefits, vitamin C supplementation may be an effective — and easy — alternative way to do so, the authors concluded.

McDonald’s uncaged

Ronald McDonald is going cage-free. McDonald’s Corp has vowed to buy only eggs from cage-free chickens to supply its U.S. and Canadian restaurants, setting a full-transition deadline of 10 years, or by 2025. The move follows McDonald’s recent “all-day breakfast” announcement, as well as cage-free transition promises from Burger King (deadline: 2017), Starbucks, General Mills, Nestle and other companies. Considering that McDonald’s buys about 2 billion eggs each year to supply its U.S. restaurants alone, North American egg suppliers will probably have to scramble to accommodate the transition.

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