Should You Follow An All-Fruit Diet?

A fruitarian diet can lead to quick weight loss, but also illness and a lack of essential nutrients.

The all-fruit (AKA fruitarian) diet has gone viral ever since Ashton Kutcher ended up in the hospital after eating only fruit. The actor was throwing himself into his new role as Steve Jobs in the film about the early life of the Apple co-founder. Jobs was known to be an extreme dieter since his freshman year in college.

What’s A Fruitarian Diet?

The fruitarian diet is a variation on a vegan diet but it consists primarily of fruit. It’s an extreme type of plan where nuts and seeds are also on the menu, but fruit makes up about 90% of the food.

Steve Jobs was reported to have read Mucusless Healing System by Arnold Ehret, where the recommendations are to only eat fruit and starch-less veggies.

Is It Healthy?

The answer is a big fat NO. Although fruit is an important part of any healthy lifestyle and provides numerous essential nutrients, when you ONLY eat fruit you’ll miss out on other good stuff. For example, the mineral iron is primarily found in green leafy veggies, beans and meats. Iron helps the red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body and helps contribute to a healthy immune system. If you stick to fruit and starch-less veggies, it’s pretty tough to get all your iron needs through green leafy veggies alone.

Following a fruit-only diet will also have you missing out on protein and fat. Protein found in foods like meat, poultry, beans and lentils helps build muscles. It also plays a role in metabolism and helps keep your immune system in tip-top shape. Fat is another nutrient that fruitarians miss out on. Fat (yes, fat!) is an essential component of a healthy diet, especially the unsaturated types from olive, sunflower and sesame oils. Fats have a variety of healthy functions including transporting fat-soluble vitamins ( A, D, E and K) through the body, cushioning critical organs and assisting with growth and development of children.

The Consequences

Ashton Kutcher was reported to have been in a tremendous amount of pain and tests showed that he had pancreatitis. The pancreas releases insulin, which assists in the absorption of sugar. It’s possible that Kutcher’s pancreas was working overtime due to the large doses of fruit sugar he was consuming.

Bottom Line: Even A-List celebrities find out the hard way that extreme diets aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Whether you’re a vegan or meat lover, all eating plans should have a balance between fats, carbs and protein along with a variety of colorful foods to ensure you had your healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.

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