5 Ways to Know Your Diet is Working Without Stepping On a Scale

These 5 cues are more important than a number on a scale.

Making diet and exercise changes can be an overwhelming — but ultimately rewarding — journey. Tracking your progress is a great way to stay motivated, but the scale isn’t your only option. There’s way more to weight than a number. Here are 5 important cues to pay attention to when trying to improve your health.

1) Your Clothes Fit Differently

If you’re losing fat and gaining muscle, the number on the scale might not budge. Instead of complicating the issue with constant weigh-ins and body fat measurements, go by how your clothes feel. There’s no denying the feeling when you fit into "that" dress or drop down a pant size.

2) You Have More Energy

If you’re dieting the right way, you’re eating. If you’re eating, you’re feeling energized. A well-fired metabolism means you have continuous energy throughout the day.

3) Your Workouts Are More Intense

Along with having more energy, you have more fuel in the tank. You can take that power to the gym and turn it into continued gains in strength and endurance.

4) You’re Sleeping Better

Eating properly and being physically active helps keeps hormone levels in check. Many of these hormones control appetite, regulate mood and help moderate your sleep cycle.

5) You’re Hungry!

Eating frequently and being hungry is a sign of a happy metabolism. If you are spacing out meals and snacks properly your body will tell you when it’s time to eat. Listening to hunger cues and knowing how to eat balanced meals is a sure-fire sign you’ve successfully made lifestyle changes and no longer need to rely on a "diet."

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