Move Over CrossFit, Here Comes F45

The Australian fitness trend has made its way to the States.


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Looking for new workout program where you can feel challenged, yet carefully guided by fitness experts? The Australian-born F45 program has been gaining major popularity overseas, and is now making its way to the U.S. We spoke with Rachel Darden, owner of F45 in Fairfield, Connecticut to learn more about this hot fitness trend.

What does F45 stand for?

F45 stands for Functional 45-minutes. Our workouts focus on functional movements, movements that mimic how we move in our daily lives. We squat, we lunge, we hinge, we rotate, we push, we pull and we walk. All of our workout programs, with the exception of “Hollywood” are 45 minutes of circuit based, high-intensity interval training.

What is functional training? Who is the perfect person for a F45 workout?

Functional training is a style of training which utilizes those 7 basic movement patterns [mentioned above]. The idea behind functional training is that you should train the way you move in everyday life.

The best thing about interval training is that it allows for every fitness level to succeed. Nothing is rep based. You push yourself as hard as you can in a given time period. And everything we do can be scaled to suit the individual. I tell my clients all the time, you never have to jump with me if it isn't your thing. My goal is to find a means to keep you moving.

There are 27 different workouts featured at F45. Some are strength-focused and others are more cardio-based. What's your favorite and why?

T10 is my favorite! It is a hybrid workout that combines both cardio and strength. I love it because I can push myself to breathlessness on the cardio stations and know I can slow down and regroup at the strength stations. It is interval training at its best! If you are wearing a heart rate monitor in T10, you see a whole lot of peaks and valleys at the end, and that is the way it should be!

What classes would you recommend for beginners, and for someone more advanced? Can accommodations be made for folks with existing injuries or orthopedic issues?

Anyone who is looking to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle in a short, focused training session should come on in! Because of the circuits and unique timing of our programs, the sessions fly by. There is no wandering about the gym wondering what you should be doing. It's all taken care of for you.

Because each workout is interval based, people can come to any session and succeed. There is no beginner or expert. We all train together, listen to our bodies and do what we can in the interval. If you are new to fitness, you might just take things slower, take out some of the plyometrics, or work with your own body weight until you are ready (and able) to progress. If you are someone who is working out 5 times a week, you are likely going to focus on different things, like tempo or a greater range of motion, to turn up your effort.

We can and do work around injuries and orthopedic issues. It's so important for clients to remember, your coaches aren't mind readers! You have to let us know what is going on so we can put our education to use, and keep you safe and moving in a way that works for your body.

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