Games That Will Get You Moving

This winter, instead of leaving a dent on your sofa, find some cool toys to get you moving! Here are 5 fun toys for adults and kids that can help you more active.

This winter, instead of leaving a dent on your sofa, find some cool toys to get you off your butt. Here are six fun toys for adults and kids to try together.

1) Wii Fit

These two hot items are on a lot of must-have lists. I was out looking for the Wii Fit, and it was sold out everywhere! I got the lowdown from the guy working at my local Target, who told me to come in when they are advertised in their fliers (I’ll be the first one on line). While it's not an inexpensive option, Wii Fit does have variety -- there are more than 40 activities, including yoga, balance games, hula hooping, boxing and strength training.

Price: about $100
2) Dance Dance Revolution

Another video game, Dance Dance Revolution is my dream pasttime. Maybe my husband will get the hint for my Valentine’s Day gift! With this game, you can get your groove on while doing cardio and building coordination, balance, rhythm and motor control. Show off dance moves from any generation and learn new ones.

Price: $70
3) Cosmic Catch

When this ball talks, you listen! Each Cosmic Catch player wears a color-coded wristband, and the ball shouts out where to throw it. If you’re too slow, the ball let’s you know. There are four different games to play that work on coordination and reflexes. This game is fun for couples or the entire family -- even the grandparents.

Price: $20
4) Exercise Ball

Practice balance and flexibility with an exercise ball in any room of your home. You can even use it while watching TV. This model comes with a chart of 24 exercises and can hold up to 1000 pounds. For best result choose the ball to fit your height.

Price: $12 -$32
5) Aircade Wall Court

I’m a sucker for those basketball hoops at bars and arcades. With this inflatable game, you can practice sinking those baskets with an automatic ball return. The hoop comes with a ball, ball pump and hand pump and attaches to the wall.

Price: $30
6) Twister

An oldie but a goodie, this game brings back memories and works on your flexibility. Twister is good for a night of family fun or just a cozy game for two. Putting your right hand on red and left foot on yellow never goes out of style.

Price: $16

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