Break Out of a Veggie Rut!



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Christopher Testani

Have the desire to eat more vegetables but find yourself always turning to the same familiar picks? Figure out which other veggies might be in your comfort zone with these comparisons.

If you like kale, try Swiss chard

This popular leafy green has an underappreciated relative! Pick up a bunch of Swiss chard and enjoy the succulent green leaves and delicate, crunchy stems.

If you like apples, try jicama

Fresh, crunchy and slightly sweet--this lesser known root veggie is low in calories (45 per cup) and high in fiber.

If you like arugula, try mizuna

Green, peppery and delish, this leafy green is packed with nutrients and perfect for salads and pesto sauces.

If you like sweet potatoes, try butternut squash

From soups,  to curry, to a killer pizza topping--you can’t go wrong with the burst of flavor and dynamite texture of this winter squash.

If you like turnips, try parsnips

Parsnips have a flavorful edge that’s sweet yet spicy, simple yet complex. Try them roasted, baked, smashed or pureed.

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