Healthy Palate: The Most-Colorful Food from Your Feed

Get inspired by the Instagram photos of healthy-eating trendsetters who put colorful ingredients at the forefront of their dishes.
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You've heard it all before: Eating a rainbow of recipes is a sure way to keep healthy. Each colorful fruit or veggie on your plate brings its own share of valuable vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that work together to keep you fit as a fiddle. Get inspired by the Instagram photos of healthy-eating trendsetters who put colorful ingredients at the forefront of their dishes.

A recent lunch captured by gluten-free, plant-based blogger  @pure_ella shows how a colorful meal — in this case, a veggie-packed salad — can be as revitalizing as sunshine.

Even your sweet treats can have a good dose of color. Healthy Eats contributor and vegetarian chef  @amychaplin dreamed up a vegan, whole-grain Strawberry Vanilla Custard Tart that relies on the sweetness of seasonal berries in lieu of any refined sugar.

For a little pre-workout fuel, dietitian @nutritionstripped created spicy Green Fiesta Juice — and she fixed it without even using a juicer. With a bunch of kale, romaine, cucumber, celery, fresh herbs, jalapeno and more green goodies, you get an invigorating drink that's as green as can be.

Registered dietitian  @mjandhungryman's quick, colorful lunch salad took less than five minutes to throw together. Packed with veggies, including avocados, tomatoes and bell peppers, this hearty bowl features the entire spectrum all in one place.

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