We Asked Top Trainers for Their Happy Hour Drink Orders

These top trainers promise you can keep it healthy and happy the next time 5 o'clock rolls around this summer.

Suns out, guns out! Warmer weather has finally arrived and with it comes poolside fun, BBQs galore and all of the rosé. But can enjoying a few drinks here and there derail your spring gym gains? Well, as you might imagine, not all beverages are created equal. A refreshing piña colada, for example, weighs in around 245 calories, 32 grams of carbs and 32 grams of sugar — the equivalent to three Reese’s Cups. However, we're not suggesting you drink vodka on the rocks all night either — unless, of course, that's your preference.

So we asked six top trainers the age-old question: “Can you stay fit and still enjoy a cocktail or two?” Turns out, you can. Here are their tips.

Katy Ingulli (ACE CPT, E-RYT 500, CrossFit Coach)

While pre-made margarita mixes can tip the scale, Inguilli’s homemade recipe of tequila with freshly squeezed lime juice, a dash of agave and salted rim hits the spot without tons of sugar. “Whatever you love the most, enjoy that — but only have one or two,” she advises. “I know a lot of people who drink plain vodka or tequila on ice because they think it’s the healthiest, but they don’t even like it.” Inguilli’s party trick: Alternate your cocktail with a seltzer to stay hydrated while keeping something cool in hand.

Elise Young (NCSF CPT, Group Fitness Instructor)

“I think the whole concept of fit partying comes down to a healthy balance,” says Young, who says some of her favorite nights out include an 11 p.m. bedtime. “Nothing in excess. Avoid extremes. Be mindful of decisions. One piña colada isn’t going to make or break your summer, but a bunch over the weekend and consistently could definitely throw you off.” So what can you find Young sipping on on the patio? Craft beer, spicy margaritas and club soda and fruit (watermelon, lime and strawberry) spritzers for “a refreshing kick.”

Mathew Forzaglia (Creator of IN TIME FITNESS)

Consuming alcohol before a workout is like running in a circle, says Forzaglia. "It's not actually doing anything to your body to change it.” Sticking to one alcohol always guarantees Forzaglia will make it to the gym the next morning. His drink of choice: pineapple juice, fresh basil and tequila, shaken on ice. “It’s not only refreshing, but light on sugar! Sugar is the roots of all evil when it comes to liquid calories, especially alcohol.”

Hilary Rifkin (Lifetime Athletic Fitness Coach)

“Summer is one of the best social seasons for partying in a healthy way (if that isn't too much of an oxymoron!)” says Rifkin, who can be found crushing workouts on Amagansett Beach when she's not teaching at the gym. “In the summer we gravitate towards drinks with a citrus scent and a clear sparkling appearance (versus whiskey and red wine in winter!), so if ever there is a time to indulge a little, it is the summertime!” Rifkin’s drink of choice: tequila or Tito’s Vodka with fresh citrus and a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice.

MaryKate Schmidt (NASM CPT, creator of the Froyotofitness FTF programs)

Realistic and balanced is Schmidt’s M.O. “Regardless of what you drink or how you drink, balance is key!” says Schmidt, sharing that her go-to’s include Moscow mules and margaritas. “Naturally the most sugary drinks, but if I’m drinking I really want to enjoy it!” Schmidt has also tapped into the latest booze craze, hard seltzers, which has seen a 193 percent of year-to-date sales growth. “I like White Claw because it’s super light and refreshing!”

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