Healthy Holiday Gifts

Healthy holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list.
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Photo by: Ryan McVay ©(c) Ryan McVay

Ryan McVay, (c) Ryan McVay

Healthy Holiday Must-have #1: The UP wristband tracker is a sleek, easy to wear movement and sleep tracker that when paired with the app gives you legit feedback on your day-to-day lifestyle.  ($99,

Why it made the list:
  • It's stylish, affordable and makes tracking your food intake, movement and sleep easy.
  • It syncs with your smart phone through an app that gives you real time feedback

Healthy Holiday Must -have #2 : The Mat by lululemon with a 5-class pack to a yoga studio or yoga DVD ( The Mat, $68.00; 5-Class Pack: around $65.00; Yoga DVD: $5.00-$15.00 on

Why it made the list:
  • In the midst of holiday stress, it’s important to keep your center. There are so many benefits of yoga, some of which include an improved mood, decrease in body aches, improved sleep, more confidence; and body toning from head to toe.
  • The Mat is the ultimate when it comes to yoga mats. Key features include cushion for your hands and feet; a polyurethane coating that will stay grippy even through a really sweaty Vinyasa, antimicrobial additive that prevents mold and mildew; and washes with soapy water (no tea tree oil).

Healthy Holiday Must -have # 3 : Teavana’s Tea of the Month Club ($130.00 on

Why it made the list:
  • Subscription services are all the rage right now – they arrive straight to your door each month, making them a great way to stay on track with your health and wellness goals.
  • The health benefits of tea are many – favorites include ginger to aid digestion, chamomile to aid sleep and green, which is full of free radical-fighting antioxidants.

Healthy Holiday Must-have #4: Custom-designed, limited edition ‘Snack & Give Back’ cubes from KIND Healthy Snacks - designed in collaboration with Arianna Huffington, Bobbi Brown and Grace Potter ($42.95/cube,

Why it made the list:
  • Every cube contains 20 KIND whole nut & fruit or KIND Nuts & Spices bars in each celebrity’s favorite flavors. Every bar is made from natural ingredients you and can see and pronounce and makes a tasty alternative to sugar-packed holiday baked goods and snacks.
  • Sales from each cube support a charitable cause of each woman’s choosing – so every time you gift a cube, you make the world a little kinder too. (Studies actually show that being kind makes you happier and healthier!)

Healthy Holiday Must-have #5Buddha bowls ( $25/each

Why it made the list:
  • Any health nut knows mindful eating and portion control is key to a good-for-you lifestyle.  These beautiful bowls are the perfect size for sipping soup, grubbing stir-fry or savoring tea.
  • Enlightenment may be included.

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