#Patriotic: Our Favorite Healthy Instagram Picks for July 4th

Healthy Eats asked you to share your finest healthy patriotic treats on Instagram in honor of July 4th. Here are some of our red, white and blue favorites.

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Healthy July 4th

If your healthy lifestyle doesn't quite welcome American classics like hot dogs and burgers with open arms, rest assured that it's possible to eat patriotically on Saturday without completely sidestepping your efforts. When we asked you to share your finest healthy treats on Instagram in honor of July 4th, just like that, our #HealthyEatsFN hashtag was flooded with gorgeous, good-for-you red, white and blue treats. Here are some of our favorites. 

Superfood Snow Cones

Follow @jar.of.lemons' lead with frosty, patriotic treats that come with a healthy twist: Superfood Snow Cones. Instead of pouring electric-hued, processed syrups over shaved ice, make your own using alternative sugars and real frozen fruits (blueberries for blue and raspberries for red). Learn how to make these icy, better-for-you cookout favorites here.

4th of July Ice Pop

If there's ever been a reason for us to dust off our ice pop molds,  @laurenlowstan's fruity pops are it. Made with fresh watermelon puree and scattered with blueberries and shaved coconut, these frosty treats on a stick are ultra-refreshing and naturally red, white and blue.

Mini 4th of July Doughnuts

We'll take a dozen of the mini baked doughnuts  @simplybeautifuleating posted. Made by  @miniliciousbyrachelle, these star-spangled doughnuts are baked-not-fried, free of dairy and iced to perfection.

Berries and Cream

@casey2cook keeps her 4th of July preparations simple by coring fresh strawberries and serving them with just a little cream. Served on a bed of blueberries, this easy red, white and blue treat could work as dessert on the 4th — or even breakfast.

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