Jennifer Grey Is Carrying Produce Again

It’ll be easier to find recipes for this summer veggie than that watermelon...


Photo by: Charley Gallay

Charley Gallay

Dirty Dancing fans probably remember the early scene of the film where our heroine first meets Patrick Swayze’s Johnny Castle and — as nervous as any of us would be meeting him — stammers about how she had carried a watermelon.

In real life, Jennifer Gray is currently carrying giant produce of another kind. She has a giant zucchini, and she’s asking fans for help finding recipes that work with it!

“I need some, not obscene, ideas of whether this is worth cooking,” Grey writes on an Instagram picture of herself holding the rather giant zucchini.

We’re all about summer squash friendly healthy recipes, and we have tons of ideas for our favorite summer resort amateur dancer, like this zucchini salad that’s so easy a baby could make it (just never put that baby in the corner!). There’s also zucchini noodles, of course, as in this glorious zucchini ribbon pasta. Just watch out for those “spaghetti arms!”

Other fun options (we’re running out of memorable Dirty Dancing references here) are herb stuffed zucchini or replacing that chips habit with zucchini parmesan crisps.

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