Chrissy Teigen's Grocery Order Went Wrong and Now She Has A LOT of Limes

The best part is that she isn't even a lime fan.



Photo by: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin


Many of us are addicted to following model-turned-cookbook author (and funniest person on social media) Chrissy Teigen as she tweets about everything from politics to her favorite TV shows, too, of course, cooking. And perhaps the best part of enjoying Teigen’s feed is that despite her being a supermodel married to a rock star, she’s endlessly relatable.

Take, for example, when she ordered from Postmates over the weekend and her order arrived wrong. Teigen had ordered 5 limes and somehow received 5 bags instead.

We’re sure there’s a “when life gives you lemons…” type joke somewhere in there.

The best part of this grocery mishap story is that Teigen has had this happen before with the delivery service (last time it was bananas, and another time it was steak sauce), but hasn’t that happened to all of us? Whether using Postmates or Instacart or FreshDirect, the downside of not being at the grocery store yourself is sometimes what you receive is not exactly what you were expecting.

In the case of the many (many!) limes, Teigen (who doesn’t even like limes, she shares) ended up baking a whole lot of pie.

Ultimately, Teigen made a Key lime with vanilla custard and a pina colada Key lime pie with pineapple and coconut. No word on what Teigen needed those 5 limes for in the first place, but we’re guessing it’s not margaritas as she’s currently pregnant with her second child with musician John Legend.

As each of those 5 bags of limes contained about 40 limes, we’re wondering how many remain…probably a lot!

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