These Sweet Saucony x Dunkin’ Donuts Sneakers Sold Out in Less Than a Day

America truly does *run* on Dunkin’.

Saucony and Dunkin’ Donuts got us excited to exercise when they announced a collaboration on a pair of insanely cute donut-themed limited-edition sneakers. The shoes became available for pre-order on March 27 on the Saucony site and, after a flurry of publicity, sold out in half a day.

So, what’s the connection between your iced coffee fix and classic running kicks? Saucony is celebrating their 120th anniversary, as well as their hometown marathon (the Boston Marathon) with another classic Boston-based brand, Dunkin’ Donuts. Everything comes full circle once you learn that coffee is the most commonly mentioned food or beverage item by runners according to a study done by Strava, a social network for athletes.

Between the iconic Dunkin’ Donuts colors, colorful sprinkles, coffee bean details and frosted donuts on the heels, we’re salivating. Peek inside the shoes and you’ll see iced and hot coffee beauty shots on each insole.

*Donut* fret if you missed out on these sweet kicks. Although the first 500 pairs sold out in less than a day, there are going to be about 1,000 more available in the coming weeks. They’ll be on sale at Marathon Sports (both in person and online) starting April 3 and will also be available for purchase at the Saucony booth at the Boston Marathon Expo on April 16.

Sadly, there aren’t any other tasty collabs in the works for Saucony, so whether you fuel up for runs with coffee or just make coffee runs to fuel up, you’re going to want to grab a pair while you can.

Photos courtesy of Saucony.

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