Tom Brady Just Had a Cheat Day ... By Eating a Strawberry

Believe it or not, that berry was a splurge by his standards.



Photo by: Maddie Meyer

Maddie Meyer

Those of us who spend a lot of time dieting live for those cheat days - those rare days where we leave our low-carb low-fat highly boring diet aside and indulge in burgers or pizza or burritos. But what if your diet was so intense that a single strawberry became a big deal?

On Monday night, Tom Brady stopped by to visit Stephen Colbert on The Late Show and promote his new book, The TB12 Method. The book is about his famously strict diet and workout regime, which makes it especially fun that he chose this particular appearance to cheat on that very diet.

Before we get too excited, it wasn't via a cheeseburger - Brady simply ate a strawberry - the first strawberry he had ever eaten, and a violation of his plant-based diet.

Tom Brady and his wife supermodel Gisele Bundchen have been open about their diet, which forbids everything from white sugar and white flour to dairy, caffeine, nightshades, fungus and much more. But a strawberry?

Apparently, it's about more than just his diet, but a personal aversion. Two years ago he told the Cut, "I've never eaten a strawberry in my life. I have no desire to do that."

However, Stephen Colbert got Brady to try that strawberry - and also chug a beer! As Brady's diet also severely limits alcohol, that's a pretty big deal.

Ultimately, after trying that strawberry, he admitted it's not even that bad. "Not that bad. I did it, Mom. You proud of me?" he spoke to the camera.

However, Brady was much more effusively pleased with the beer he chugged (in one impressive gulp, which shows that some skills never go away). "That was good. That was really good!"

That's exactly how we feel about our cheat day as well, Tom!

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