This Hilarious Twitter Thread About 'Liar' Vegetables Went on For Days

A blogger's frustration with one particular veggie grew into a cornucopia of commentary.


Photo by: id-art


When blogger Imani Gandy posed the question “Is there a vegetable that’s a bigger liar than spinach?” on Twitter, she may not have anticipated the response she’d get. 

But after Gandy expressed her distrust at the leafy green because of how a half pound of it cooked down to a smattering of leaves as soon as it hit the sauté pan, hundreds of people vented about their least-loved veggies. It turns out that people have A LOT of comic opinions about which veggies are deceitful in terms of what they promise versus what they deliver. Here’s just a small sampler of the hilarious comments that rolled in for nearly a week.

Now that we’ve collectively set the record straight on these villainous veggies, we’ve got to wonder if fruit isn’t the next category of food to have its truthfulness examined. Is the honesty of an apple, plausibility of a pineapple and the integrity of a peach next to be questioned?

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