When Harry Styles Pies You in the Face, He Does It With Kindness

"At least it was vegan," quipped the singer who was pied.


Photo by: Zak Kaczmarek

Zak Kaczmarek

Here’s the thing about when Harry Styles hits you in the face with a pie as an arena full of people look on in amusement: He does it in a thoughtful way, a way that somehow manages to leave both your dietary strictures and his nice-guy image intact.

Singer Mabel McVey found that out firsthand when, while opening for the One Direction heartthrob-turned-solo-star Monday night in Dublin, Ireland, in what was

the final show of his European tour, Styles slipped onstage to coat her with Silly String as she performed and then returned to pie her — bam! — right in the kisser.

The two hugged it out (McVey perhaps with some initial reluctance) and a smiling Styles skittered off the stage, leaving McVey with a fluffy towel to wipe off at least the top layer of goop and continue her set.

Later, McVey posted a video of the creamy caper on Twitter with a caption attesting to the star’s consideration vis-a-vis her diet: "When @Harry_Styles pranks you on stage and throws a cream pie in your face whilst you’re singing. At least it was vegan."

Styles, too, took to Twitter afterwards to send "a huge thank you" to McVey for "being wonderful."

The next day McVey, who, as those who know her better know, goes professionally by her first name, followed up with a post showing her "Mood before I got pranked by @Harry_Styles in front of 15000 people ..." Yeah, she looks happy. And come to think of it, she’s probably not too sad about the attention the stunt has brought her either as she sets off on her own headline tour.

Perhaps her own opening act will want to watch its back … or, er, face?

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