Let Nick Jonas Take You on a Tuna Fish Salad Journey

Watch and learn as the hottest JoBro flexes his muscles in the kitchen.



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Mike Windle

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Knowing everything there is to know about Nick Jonas is practically a national pastime. After all, the currently-ranking "hottest Jonas" has 14.5 million Instagram followers who follow his every social media share, whether it be a gym or jam session. But now thanks to a tongue-in-cheek video the singer and actor recently posted online, we know Nick even better. Here's what the video teaches us about the youngest member of the JoBro trio and his nuanced appreciation for tuna fish salad.

1) He can rock a scruffy, black-tank-top look in the kitchen — no apron needed. (He did "do shoulders and back today — you're welcome," he says, with a charming lack of modestly.)

2) He's seriously wryly funny.

3) He's "been a real tuna enthusiast for a long time now and it's something that not a lot of people understand."

Jonas starts his tuna fish salad prep with chili-lime safe catch tuna. 

"Just take a look of that beauty right there," he coos in our ear in the just-under-five-minute video, showing off the contents of the can. "Look at that cat-food-dog-food-looking tuna fish there."

After emptying the "beautiful tuna" into its "new home," a white mixing bowl, and scooping in some mayo to add texture, "so you don't get that dry tuna that nobody wants," he mixes with a fork.

"You're going to get a little bit of resistance initially from the tuna itself," he explains, adding that he prefers to make his own tuna rather than get "fancy" pre-made stuff with "lots of bells, lots of whistles" from a market. "But what you want to do is have that personal connection with your tuna, and that's what we're doing here today. I'm glad you're on this journey with me."

So are we, Nick, so are we. 

But the journey doesn't end there! Jonas shows us how to add a little "extra spice" to the pre-seasoned tuna with some freshly ground sea salt dispensed "clockwise around the bowl once and then one drop right in the center" and some black peppercorns ground "straight through the middle and across, a little bit of an X," the latter left to sit on top. 

Then Jonas gets to his tuna's final ingredient, which he ruefully admits may be controversial: Cholula hot sauce, which, he says, "makes everything better," especially when applied in a manner that is "specific" and "intentional."

"Among other tuna enthusiasts, I've had questions about why I do this," Jonas says, "but I think it's important to note that each person is entitled to their own tuna journey and today you're seeing mine."

Consider us grateful. You're welcome indeed.

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