These Beverage Brands Want You to Drink to Your Health

Happy hour just got a whole lot healthier.

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Finally, there’s a real way to keep your wellness streak going straight into cocktail hour. These alcohol brands are serving up booze with superfoods like kale and turmeric infused right into the product. Taking wellness into consideration also means these liquors are formulated with a focus on clean-eating. That means they're free of additives, organic and locally-made. Consider these liquids another dose of fitspo. Here are three bottles you can get your hands on now.

VING Vodka Infused with Kale (pictured above)

Vodka is already considered a pretty clean alcohol, but Flo Vinger, creator and CEO of VING Vodka knew she could make it even cleaner. Her namesake brand VING Vodka is all-organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, additive-free and sugar-free — and she believes in label transparency. “I also put the serving facts on the back of VING so consumers know exactly what they are drinking,” says Vinger. The brand’s kale-infused vodka calls for kale, lemon peel and cucumber that results in a fresh flavor without tasting like green juice. It’s meant to be a sipping vodka so order it over ice and nurse it through your next happy hour.

Photo by: Matt Seaver

Matt Seaver

This 100% carrot-based alcohol is similar to a brandy. It’s made from fermented fresh carrots that are distilled into a drinkable spirit. There’s nothing added to the beverage, it's kind of like a naturally booze carrot juice — although we don't recommend drinking it that way. The brand recommends mixing it into your favorite martini for an earthy flavor because, yes it does actually taste like carrots.

Turmeric is one of the trendiest anti-inflammatories out there, but in order for it’s benefits to be fully activated it’s recommended that you pair it with black pepper and lemon. Luckily, the founders of Kuma kept that in the back of their minds when making this beverage which, in addition to turmeric, includes lemon peel and black peppercorns in the ingredients. Try Kuma in a margarita with lime juice, lemon juice and tequila for a healthier take on a happy hour favorite.

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