Our LaCroix Obsession Has Just Entered a New Level

What, you never considered wearing your seltzer obsession?

Photo courtesy of Public Space

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Public Space

Photo courtesy of Public Space

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It’s quite possible you are currently upping the amount of water in your diet right now as bathing suit season approaches. For many of us, that’ll mean trendy flavored seltzer drinks. But have we gone past drinking flavored seltzer, to a point where we’re now into wearing it?

Los Angeles-based designer Eric Wu has created both one-piece suits and trunks inspired by LaCroix, that fruity seltzer we all know and love. The swimwear can be found on his site, Public Space, and is available in one of six colors (or flavors?): Pamplemousse, Lime, Passionfruit, Pure, Raspberry and Lemon.

These aren’t novelty items either. These swimsuits are the real deal, made from 82 percent polyester and 18 percent spandex. And as Publicspace makes its products by hand, you may want to plan ahead and order now if you hope to have it in time for that Memorial Day weekend getaway.

As for how to choose a color, that really does depend on you. Do you have a go-to LaCroix flavor that describes you? Or, do you just kind of like green? It’s really up to you. We sort of love the symmetry of drinking low-calorie drinks like flavored seltzer to tone up for swimsuit season and then wearing a swimsuit inspired by that very low-calorie flavored seltzer. It’s so very meta.

We’ve reached peak hipster, we think. Or, rather, we hope. LaCroix trunks are going for $39.50 on Public Space, and one-pieces are $49.50.

One thing is for sure: Much like the seltzer in our glass by the pool, these swimsuits will make a splash. (Insert awkward drum roll here.)

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